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What is the meaning of Born in Hindi?

Meaning of Born in Hindi is : स्वाभाविक

Definition of word Born

  • Past participle of bear; given birth to. (verb)
    भालू का पिछला कृदंत; को जन्म दिया।
  • Well suited to (some behaviour or occupation), as though from birth. (adjective)
    (कुछ व्यवहार या व्यवसाय) के अनुकूल, जैसे कि जन्म से।
  • Alternative spelling of burn. A stream. (noun)

Examples of word Born

  • In my experience at three places of work, the overwhelming majority of researchers were foreign born Ph. D.s. This situation did not arise because of some hypothetical "anti-U. S.-born" discriminatory practices by the employing organizations.
  • A child with cystic fibrosis may be born, and I think that, overall, this is not as good a thing as a child without CF being born*, but I think that it would not be appropriate for the government to tell two people they cannot reproduce, at least with each other.
  • In the proposition, Franklin was not born in England, the fact expressed by the words _born in England_ is denied of the man Franklin.
  • For just as a child is born of its mother, and by this bodily birth is a sinful being and a _child of wrath; _ thus also is man taken and _born spiritually_ from the baptism, and by _this birth he is a child of grace and a justified person_.
  • Lawsuits have been filed by people who don't believe Obama was born in Honolulu and is a U. S.-born citizen.
  • Castrucci is an example of how complex immigration cases can be, especially if they involve people who are born abroad and gain citizenship through U. S.-born or naturalized parents.
  • The vast majority of these children were born in the United States. poverty rate for such children was almost twice as high as for those born to either legal immigrants or U. S.-born parents.