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What is the meaning of Brad in Hindi?

Meaning of Brad in Hindi is : विरंजी

Definition of word Brad

  • A thin, small nail, with a slight projection at the top on one side instead of a head, or occasionally with a small domed head, similar to that of an escutcheon pin. (noun)
  • A paper fastener, a fastening device formed of thin, soft metal, such as shim brass, with a round head and a flat, split shank, which is spread after insertion in a hole in a stack of pages, in much the same way as a cotter pin or a split rivet. (noun)

Examples of word Brad

    • Yes | No | Report from muskiemaster wrote 31 weeks 2 days ago captain brad makes a good point the name's alone make it hard to compare the two and if I had to say though it'd be cabela's which contains lots of fishing stuff and hunting more hunting stuff to.
    • Captain brad thanks for showing how the outdoor community and this website itself is such a cooperative and helping community and that most can be trusted and for helping get a kid active in the hunting community.
    • Yes | No | Report from Bigbuck14 wrote 50 weeks 6 days ago all right brad is cool
    • Max D. on Jun 25, 2008 brad is the most dramatic actor in the world. he is the best in this area of acting. and in his roles he is serious. oscar this time surelly. fayiz on Jul 3, 2008
    • The Funky Stew on Oct 3, 2008 the only reason ill agree with brad is because of ant man mostly, thor can be done REALLY well, CA im not too fond of anyway, but i digress, i feel like ant man ruins the idea, CA brings it down that much more, and thor will honestly make or break the team completely


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