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What is the meaning of Brad in Hindi?

Meaning of Brad in Hindi is : विरंजी

Definition of word Brad

  • A diminutive of the male given names Bradley, Bradly, or Bradford. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Brad

  • I ALSO THINK SHE TOOK ONE LOOK AT BRAD AND JEN AND DECIDED THAT SHE WANTED BRAD what appeared to be normal. not knowing that it takes a lot to make a relationship work or that Brad really is into other guys which works for her.
  • She has captivated brad pitt with her bedroom skills obviously experience with multiple partners counts and once Brad finds sex with another woman exciting, he will leave her.
  • I picked up a rock that had written on it "throw me at brad" so I threw it at Brad and hit him right in the head once.
  • Oh, and Brad is alsoan expert on green roofs, and will be demonstrating them to grade 5 kids at theKids World of Energy Festival.
  • Brad is a prof in the Centre for Environment at U of T, and was one of the pioneers of the use of models to explore adaptations to climate change.


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