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  • C. Maoxian: @brandon: Sure, they're all narcissists. brandon: CM: Does any of your FRIENDS know you post their pics?
  • Yes | No | Report from Steven9253 wrote 1 year 5 days ago speaking of beagles, back in brandon florida a pest control company uses them to sniff out termites, i was just reminded of this by your comment blue ridge. its just another way to work a dog that i never would have thought of before
  • Tagged with: Apple • atari • atfmb • brandon sanderson • cd • facebook • fantasy • felicia day • functional nerds • humor • iPad • iPhone • iPod • music • nerd • Podcast • science fiction • scifi • scifi songs • steam • the guild • twitter • valve • whuffie
  • And, I am from California ... and liberal Democrat. brandon
  • Bite me dom saved me the trouble of whacking this idiot upside the head. brandon Says:


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