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What is the meaning of Brandt in Hindi?

Meaning of Brandt in Hindi is : ब्रांट

Definition of word Brandt

Examples of word Brandt

  • Why does anything done in space have to have the word space in front of it? brandt the vast construction wasteland of dubai is used in Michael Winterbottom's vastly under-appreciated sci-fi love story, Code 46 as a no-mans land where banished citizens go to die.
  • The point is, nobody truly knows the origin, and adaptation is undeniable, but the timeline is off on all accounts and until somebody is able to travel to the past to bring back definitive observations, I will continue with my faith in both God and science, and NO they are NOT mutually exclusive. kurt brandt
  • Signum - First Strike 2010 (Sebastian brandt rmx) 10.
  • Whether it downplay supporting to simmer a acceptable billy brandt in top to bottom inside your factory or, yet pinching the victim of paint that browse into the folk of the house.
  • Marvin: Wait, I thought the Bible * was* translated by Hallmark Card writers in order to achieve its mass ... josh brandt: That's the same way I read it when it came out - I sat down with it, started paging through ...


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