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What is the meaning of Brazil in Hindi?

Meaning of Brazil in Hindi is : ब्राज़ील

Definition of word Brazil

  • A Brazil nut (noun)

Examples of word Brazil

  • Reply to this yemi hello sir concerning the amnesty going on in brazil, have written to th global voices but have seen any reply about it, please kindly help me out
  • I LOVE how do you call this on your kids are lay down? here in brazil we called "rede" but i don't know the name in english!!
  • Chris Brown had to drop the rihanna and wait a while and go to another … that rihanna is very fresh … kiss … chris hear my advice I am a big fan of yours … beijos brasil .. hope one day you see here in brazil … kiss
  • Landfill cant wait for this ddog cant wait to see this film i love gilliams work. and brazil is one of my fav movies of all time. besides TOM WAITS is in the movie and that man i GOD!!!!
  • Too bad (for you, i live in brazil: D) it's only in brazillian portuguese.


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