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What is the meaning of Brazil in Hindi?

Meaning of Brazil in Hindi is : ब्राज़ील

Definition of word Brazil

  • A large Portuguese-speaking country in South America. Capital: Brasilia. Official name: Federative Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil). (proper-noun)

Examples of word Brazil

  • Publisher: Worldwide Projects, Inc. BRAZIL: Construction plans for proposed $3,300,000,000 copper production expansion project, CIA VALE DO RIO DOCE (CVRD) [Brazil] - Order #: 118703.
  • LUIS LULA DA SILVA, PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL (through translator): First of all, I would like to say that we have shown very good relations between the U.S. and Brazil.
  • PAUL SOTERO, DIRECTOR, BRAZIL INSTITUTE: Well, the trip was perceived in Brazil and in the other parts of the region, a little bit of too little too late.
  • Flag description: green with a large yellow diamond in the center bearing a blue celestial globe with 27 white five-pointed stars (one for each state and the Federal District) arranged in the same pattern as the night sky over Brazil; the globe has a white equatorial band with the motto ORDEM E PROGRESSO (Order and Progress) @Brazil: Economy
  • BRAZIL Corinthians coach Mano Menezes talks during a training session in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on


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