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What is the meaning of Brill in Hindi?

Meaning of Brill in Hindi is : ब्रिल

Definition of word Brill

  • Wonderful, clever, amusing. Denotes approval of the noun it is applied to, comparable to "cool". (adjective)
  • A type of flatfish, Scophthalmus rhombus. (noun)

Examples of word Brill

    • I also bought some brill which is a lovely fish (similar to Dover sole) and really underrated.
    • # Arrowon 24 Mar 2009 at 10: 59 pm brill! thank god she was saved from the wretched fate of poetry. yay Ada, our very first cybergrrl.
    • So brill, in fact, we missed our last train back to Helsinki and had no choice but to bus it.
    • You think that's brill, wait until you see what else it can do.
    • Other dishes were very good: brill with a broth of onions, clams and borlotti beans; roast baby chicken with spicy potatoes; and a lovely, not too sweet white chocolate and hazelnut semifreddo served with cocoa sauce.


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