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What is the meaning of Browne in Hindi?

Meaning of Browne in Hindi is :

Definition of word Browne

  • A surname, a spelling variant of Brown. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Browne

  • DES BROWNE: A former defense secretary and Labor Party politician from Scotland, Browne was replaced as defense secretary by John Hutton last year.
  • Longy Zwillman and his old boss, Joseph Reinfeld, operated a distribution business under the name Browne Vintners.
  • Too late now for Professor Pippard to appreciate the long-term consequences, this anecdote prompts a still-smarting passage in Browne's memoir: There was an unspoken but firm prejudice in the Cambridge environment that business was a waste of potential for high-fliers.
  • That may seem strange because its editorial page editor, Arthur Browne, is the consummate newsman.
  • Browne is likely to propose generous help for poor students, but academics fear that a rise in fees could turn poorer teenagers away from degrees in the arts and humanities in favour of career-oriented courses.