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What is the meaning of Burmese in Hindi?

Meaning of Burmese in Hindi is :

Definition of word Burmese

Examples of word Burmese

  • I kept a friend's burmese python for him while he was out of the country.
  • I have an uncle who had a brother-in-law who owned a burmese (?) python (14.5 ft) (Now in the Little Rock Zoo), and I got to "help" feed it once.
  • I had a friend make a fake press pass for me on a mac, and I borrowed a home video camera ... and I snuck into Burma and hooked up with some students fighting the burmese government ... then I moved onto Somalia in the early days of the famine and fighting there.
  • There were at least two boa constrictors shown in that video along with burmese pythons.
  • Along with that, saying "python" when what you actually mean is a burmese python is like saying "dogs" are a problem when you mean "chihuahuas".


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