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What is the meaning of Burrell in Hindi?

Meaning of Burrell in Hindi is :

Definition of word Burrell

Examples of word Burrell

  • They also shot one or two wild sheep, known by the name of "burrell," and an antelope called
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  • It was some seconds before the spectators could recover from surprise at an incident so curious, though it was one that may often be witnessed by those who wander among the wild crags of the Himalayas -- where combats between the males of the ibex, the tahir, the burrell or Himalayan wild sheep, and also the rams of the gigantic _Ovis ammon_, are of common occurrence.
  • The hair is short, something in texture like that of the _burrell_ and other wild sheep; and in the cold weather is mixed with a very soft downy wool, resembling the shawl-wool of Thibet.
  • On the contrary, unless the precipice be one of stupendous height, an ibex, or tahir, or burrell, will get up again after one of those fearful falls; and either run or limp away from the spot -- perhaps to recover, and try his luck and strength in some future encounter with the same adversary.


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