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What is the meaning of C4 in Hindi?

Meaning of C4 in Hindi is :

Definition of word C4

  • An international paper size (229mm x 324 mm) (initialism)
  • A military plastic explosive; see C-4 (explosive) (initialism)
  • A class of canoeing in sport (initialism)
  • cervical vertebra 4 (initialism)
  • C4 carbon cycle (initialism)
  • Abbreviation of Channel 4 (“the British television channel”). (proper-noun)

Examples of word C4

  • "They called C4, which is Mexico's emergency dispatch system and advised them that they had been lost for two days, were stranded, dehydrated, and were going to light a signal fire to attempt to get some help," said Cal Fire spokesperson Roxanne Provaznik.
  • Popular indie Apple developer conference -- Chicago-based "C4" -- canceled because organizer is sick of Apple's close ...
  • Popular indie Apple developer conference -- Chicago-based "C4" -- canceled $AAPL - full reversal on $GS right after they took my stop out?
  • Goodwill is also working with the Aspen Institute and others on the Community College/Career Collaboration - also known as the C4 project.
  • Plants employing this so-called C4 pathway use carbon dioxide more efficiently than those with the normal (C3 or Calvin cycle) photosynthesis.


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