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What is the meaning of Ca in Hindi?

Meaning of Ca in Hindi is : कैलिफ़ोर्निया

Definition of word Ca

  • circa. (abbreviation)

Examples of word Ca

  • Qudd fi id non fufficiat, confc dionis ca tex, i. thoUconis nuncupatae undam unam & mediam ca»
  • Erase the word "can't" from your self-talk: it's not that you "can't" exercise or eat right, but that you "won't."
  • For more information about personal finance and credit counseling, ConsolidatedCredit. ca is a tremendous resource on the topic for Canadians.
  • A. A-fri-ca is the big triangle shaped continent south of Europe.
  • Meanwhile, the actual health insurance corporations are spending tens of millions of dollars in ca$h money to defeat it.


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