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What is the meaning of Cadiz in Hindi?

Meaning of Cadiz in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cadiz

  • Alternative spelling of Cádiz. (proper noun)

Examples of word Cadiz

  • CADIZ - Eight people were arrested Monday morning as Harrison County sheriff's officers and Cadiz police capped a joint six-month investigation into drug trafficking in the county.
  • Located in Cadiz, Spain, Sotogrande House is yet another success of A-cero Architects, a name which has in time become similar with high quality architecture.
  • American film actor, born in Cadiz, Ohio, Âwho epitomized the American ideal of masculinity and virility for three decades.
  • "I 'm not really a string player," Mr. Chatham said, speaking from his hotel room in Cadiz, Spain, where he was preparing a show at the city 's recent Monkey Week 2010 festival.
  • Camera Obscura in Cadiz, thanks to Sinden Optical (see below)
  • When Nelson famously said, "The Dons may make fine ships; they cannot however make men," after visiting the Spanish fleet in Cadiz in 1793, he was referring not to the quality of Spanish sailors but to the lack of them, for as often as not crews were diminished by disease and other factors.
  • The problem is: Sara's copies were sent to her Madrid address over the summer while she was in Cadiz, and so they were returned.
  • * Whether "Papa Legba" had anything to do with Dambala's injuries on Tchoup and Cadiz is a matter of faith, I suppose.)