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What is the meaning of Cain in Hindi?

Meaning of Cain in Hindi is : हत्यारा

Definition of word Cain

  • The eldest son of Adam and Eve as described in Genesis. (see Cain and Abel). (proper-noun)
  • A male given name (proper-noun)

Examples of word Cain

  • The murder of Abel by his brother Cain is a profound tragedy of sibling jealousy and family love gone awry (see pages 11-14).
  • The Georgia businessman insists his campaign is sound and supporters remain onboard what he calls the "Cain train."
  • I think Raising Cain is a guide to why a boy might become inarticulate, angry, suicidal, and feel that he had to go out and eliminate anybody who didn't find him strong.
  • Finally, if you're wanting a lighter take on the dour 40K world, Commissar Cain is your man.
  • Mc Cain is good man first time he lost because of Bush's lies second time because of Palin Bush and Palin scared Americans with their lies