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What is the meaning of Calais in Hindi?

Meaning of Calais in Hindi is :

Definition of word Calais

Examples of word Calais

  • I have NO doubt, the outcome would have been different, same goes for moving the units at the Pass de calais ..
  • Not so sure about this one either, someone came to my site via Googling calais massage parlours - Why, how?
  • However I know there has been a big contract with the “région nord-pas-de-calais” I live in, in wich they were completely screwed up, not on just one computer, but on a very big order.
  • _Heinsius_ | | 33 Calamis _BCIacL_ calais _MFIpcTP_ cala bis _H, ut uid_
  • Sarah lambert, can you exempt my blog from calais? it keeps crashing my posts.


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