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What is the meaning of Calceolaria in Hindi?

Meaning of Calceolaria in Hindi is :

Definition of word Calceolaria

Examples of word Calceolaria

  • On the wetter slopes, fields were laid out like checkerboards, lined with eucalyptus and agave, and those that had been left fallow were thick with cosmos and zinnias, helianthus, bidens, and calceolaria, all yellows and golds and reds.
  • The calceolaria of the present day has [v. 04 p. 0969] been developed into a highly decorative plant, in which the herbaceous habit has preponderated.
  • Slowly they would pace along, enjoying the sweeter air of the suburbs, or, gardenless themselves, would stand to peep through garden-gates at the well-ordered array of geranium, calceolaria, verbena; sniffing the fragrance from the serried rows of stocks, the patches of mignonette, or the blossoming lime-trees overhead.
  • The vegetables seem in perfect harmony with yellow marigolds and calceolaria.
  • Shoot in a rose, or a calceolaria, or an herbaceous border, or something, I gather, and you have made a formal proposal of marriage without any of the trouble of rehearsing a long speech and practising appropriate gestures in front of your bedroom looking-glass.


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