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What is the meaning of Calvinism in Hindi?

Meaning of Calvinism in Hindi is : कैल्विनवाद

Definition of word Calvinism

  • The Christian religious tradition based upon the doctrines and forms of Christian practice of several Protestant reformers such as John Calvin as opposed to Lutherans. (noun)

Examples of word Calvinism

  • Throughout the following period it was, according to the unanimous testimony of history, the system of faith which we call Calvinism that inspired the
  • Calvinism is a totally f**ked-up ideology that has poisoned the Evangelical movement in this nation.
  • Calvinism is people deluding themselves they can buy their way into the afterlife.
  • Radical Protestantism, such as was found in Calvinism generally and particularly among the Puritans, distrusted beauty and removed it from churches and from worship services.
  • Calvinism is at the heart of the current teabagger movement, which has been peddling all the right-wing evangelical social dogma as if it were Holy Writ.
  • Calvinism is a sick, twisted virus which has mortally inflicted the ranks of the holy rollers.