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What is the meaning of Cape in Hindi?

Meaning of Cape in Hindi is : वप्रवस्त्र

Definition of word Cape

  • A piece or point of land, extending beyond the adjacent coast into a sea or lake; a promontory; a headland. (noun)
  • A sleeveless garment or part of a garment, hanging from the neck over the back, arms, and shoulders, but not reaching below the hips. (noun)
  • To head or point; to keep a course. (verb)
  • To gape. (verb)
  • To skin an animal, particularly a deer. (verb)

Examples of word Cape

  • IV. iii.140 (431,3) [a small compass'd cape] A _compass'd cape_ is a round cape.
  • "He thinks the cape is his enemy," explained Maria Valenzuela.
  • The next morning, he descried a promontory which he called cape Cod, and, holding his course along the coast as it stretched to the south-west, touched at two islands, the first of which he named Martha's Vineyard, and the second, Elizabeth's Island.
  • For this reason, the Flash and Batman hoodies are the closest to the costume ideal – and even the Bats hoodie suffers from the fact that the detachable cape is not integrated into the base of the hood-slash-cowl.
  • And his cape is infused with the cries of a thousand souls.


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