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What is the meaning of Cara in Hindi?

Meaning of Cara in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cara

  • A female given name coined in the twentieth century from Italian cara "beloved" or Irish Gaelic cara "friend". (proper noun)
    बीसवीं शताब्दी में इतालवी कारा "प्रिय" या आयरिश गेलिक कारा "दोस्त" से एक महिला का नाम दिया गया।

Examples of word Cara

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  • Cara is shocked at this revelation but nonetheless travels onwards, stopping at Dead Port to get a ship.
  • He spoke aloud to the empty room, “Cara, is everything ready?”
  • Take for example, Cara from the Curvature's thread on the costs of unwed parenting, in which women point out why Bush's Marriage Saver program is a bad idea: doesn't stop men from abandoning women when they have children (as they've done historically), doesn't help single mothers, doesn't help women in abusive marriages.
  • Cara is a book lover, and many of her admirers have sent her old books to use and make art with.
  • P.S. Cara is the first of three wonderful guest bloggers who are kind enough to stand in for me while I catch up on some book writing and do some more promotional travel.
  • Everyone needs to head over to the Good Girls Kill For Money, where Cara is guest blogging for Tasha A. today.
  • In November, Dan asked her if she wanted to shorten it to Anna, the name Cara had chosen.
  • Cara is very aware of her history, and is also very proud of her heritage.