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What is the meaning of Cate in Hindi?

Meaning of Cate in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cate

  • A delicacy or item of food. (noun)

Examples of word Cate

  • Price certi fi cate, which is country speci fi c, The regulatory application requirements are diff - sometimes in three forms, Cost Insurance erent for each category, with most needed POM Freight (CIF) price, wholesale price, retail price. products, and least for food supplements or cosmetics.
  • Just the old standby of pointing out how blessed she is to have come from foster cate to ANTM.
  • Is this just another lie, or is he using our tax money to buy mom jeans? cate
  • Hey Jeb – crawl back under that rock – we don't care what you have to say. cate
  • Good advice. .and also reign in the "Blue Dogs"! cate


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