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What is the meaning of Cate in Hindi?

Meaning of Cate in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cate

  • A diminutive of the female given name Catherine and of its variant forms; more often spelled Kate. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Cate

  • Cate is pregnant, but before Ali has the chance to congratulate her, Cate hurriedly whispers, “They want to take my baby.
  • All Ali has to go on is a file in Cate’s desk that contains two ultrasound pictures, letters from a fertility clinic, and various papers that seem to confirm the unborn baby’s existence.
  • During the short time he was in this city he baptized Cate, an African woman, the property of Mrs. Eunice Hogg, Andrew, his wife Hannah, and Hagar, belonging to the venerable Mr. Jonathan Bryan.
  • Cate is one of Australia’s best known short story writers, and now a novelist and speaker.
  • Cate is also the author of the travel memoirSing, and Don’t Cry: A Mexican Journal and the poetry collectionsJoyflightandSigns of Other Fires.


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