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What is the meaning of Cavell in Hindi?

Meaning of Cavell in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cavell

Examples of word Cavell

  • But then Cavell is saying: For some nothing but philosophy will do.
  • THE PRESIDENT: Captain Cavell, only by means of the radio is it possible to make a tour of the British Empire in such a short space of time as you have made that tour today.
  • Captain Cavell was born in England and later on in his life he went to India.
  • I thought you might enjoy thinking about some material which I’ve quoted here for educational purposes under principles of fair use, such as Cavell’s fascinating and puzzling forward, in which he addresses the question, What is the audience for philosophy?
  • Cavell and Rorty have domesticated Nietzsche in peculiar ways, often sidestepping the main difficulties he presents.


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