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What is the meaning of Ceres in Hindi?

Meaning of Ceres in Hindi is : रोम की उपज की देवी

Definition of word Ceres

  • The Roman goddess of agriculture; equivalent to the Greek goddess Demeter. (proper-noun)
  • A celestial body orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, the largest asteroid and innermost dwarf planet; officially called 1 Ceres. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Ceres

  • [Enter Ceres, in likeness of a stately woman, bearing poppies and ears of wheat in her hands, and crowned with a wreath of flowers and berries.] _Ceres_: What! loose, and chatting here at play,
  • CERES -- A 35-year-old Ceres woman whose arm was severed as she cleaned a Hershey chocolate factory machine will get $100,000 in exchange for criminal charges being dropped against the company, a prosecutor said Wednesday.
  • CERES - East Union No. 1Tyler Ward won 6-0 and 6-2, and fell 6-4 to Ceres 'No. 1 Thursday in a
  • Ceres is a planet, and it is orders of magnitude easier and cheaper to get to the surface of Ceres and back to Earth than it is to get to the surface of Mars and back to Earth.
  • Spent some time in Ceres … To be honest … they run a machine.


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