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What is the meaning of Chad in Hindi?

Meaning of Chad in Hindi is :

Definition of word Chad

  • Small pieces of paper punched out from the edges of continuous stationery, punched cards, paper tape etc. (noun)
  • One of these pieces of paper. (noun)

Examples of word Chad

    • Graham notes that the noun was then construed as plural, on the analogy of chaff, but today’s ballot counters are referring to chads, construing the word chad as singular.
    • | Reply sit back with some hot tea and a good video game and let the healing begin chad attack
    • BECK: And I think you had a theory that you called chad buildup, right?
    • ” But according to Peter Graham, now university librarian at Syracuse, who served early in his career as a keypunch operator, “We had what we called a chad box underneath the key punch.
    • In 2000, it was "chad" -- as in the hanging chads of Florida, which played a central role in the tight race between Al Gore and George W. Bush.


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