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What is the meaning of Chad in Hindi?

Meaning of Chad in Hindi is :

Definition of word Chad

  • A male given name. Also a modern nickname for Charles, Chadwick and similar-sounding names (proper-noun)
  • The British version of the "Kilroy was here" graffiti. (proper-noun)
  • A country in Central Africa. Official name: Republic of Chad. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Chad

  • CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Speaking of birth control, here's Chad.
  • GPW says: @Chad: Thank you Chad, I was beginning to think everyone here was STUPID!
  • CHAD VADER: Starring: Chad - Aaron Yonda Clint/Voice of Chad - Matt Sloan Tony - Asa Derks Randy - Brad Knight monkeybusinessinstitute. com Tammy -
  • A program in Chad is helping mothers during deliveries.
  • The currency used in Chad is the CFA (some sort of Franc) ...


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