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What is the meaning of Channel in Hindi?

Meaning of Channel in Hindi is : सरिता

Definition of word Channel

  • the English Channel (proper-noun)

Examples of word Channel

  • LARRY KING: I think I really knew it, Regis, when Gleason came to town and I invited him to come on my late night television show, local channel, Channel 10, ABC affiliate, he was a CBS employee and he said he'd come, he'd heard my radio show and when he came that night, walked in the door, changed the whole studio around.
  • There is a fine pair of Steves in my workplace, and they work over at E4, the hip non-terrestrial channel from Channel 4.
  • The balding torturer smiled a bit and made a reference to Christians, which convinced me that I was on the right channel after all; the victim screamed a lot; and just at that moment Channel 45 rolled across its request for pledge funds for sacred music, explaining where you could call, how much you should give, and so on, along with names of people that were pledging money during the torture scene.
  • Here is where you have the people who distribute the leaflets and the radio broadcasts and as of late last week they now have one television channel in Iraq, Channel 3.
  • Possible investors include Richard Horwood, the former managing editor of newspaper group Trinity Mirror Plc, who told The Sunday Telegraph last year he has established a team to bid for the new channel under the company Channel 6.


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