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What is the meaning of Chao in Hindi?

Meaning of Chao in Hindi is :

Definition of word Chao

  • A surname of Chinese origin. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Chao

  • Elaine Chao is to fair labor practices as Mike Brown was to emergency management.
  • The ritual in Chao Feng Temple in Dajiou, Pingdong, is very quiet, no crowds of people, nor hurly-burly battle array.
  • Reporting on a research led by Benjamin Chao of the National Central University in Taiwan, National Geographic News tells us that “dams and reservoirs have stored so much water over the past several decades that they have masked surging sea levels.”
  • Update 6: Cloroxenima sez, This picture was actually taken at our shotgun-courthouse-steps-wedding in Chao Zhou, China (as you can see it was a very formal affair).
  • The First August Emperor, who was, as already stated, really a bastard, was borne by the concubine of a Chao merchant, who made over the concubine whilst _enceinte_ to his (the Emperor's) father, when that father was a royal Ts'in hostage dwelling in the state of Chao; hence the Emperor is often called Chao CHÊNG


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