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What is the meaning of Charismatic in Hindi?

Meaning of Charismatic in Hindi is : चमत्कारी

Definition of word Charismatic

  • A member of the Charismatic Movement (noun)

Examples of word Charismatic

  • The JFK experience was similar, and we are told was "Charismatic".
  • 'Charismatic'... well, that's got rid of my performance anxiety...
  • Some believe that a 'Charismatic' Awakening occurred between 1961 and 1982.
  • "Charismatic" Awakening stemmed from a Pentecostal movement that placed emphasis on the experience of the Gifts of the Spirit, including speaking in tongues, healing, prophecy and other aspects.
  • "Charismatic" is the last word I'd assign to this slimeball.


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