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What is the meaning of Charismatic in Hindi?

Meaning of Charismatic in Hindi is : चमत्कारी

Definition of word Charismatic

  • Of, related to, or having charisma. (adjective)
  • Of, related to, or being a member of a form of Christianity that emphasises the role of the Holy Spirit. (adjective)
  • a member of such a Christian movement (noun)

Examples of word Charismatic

  • UPDATE: I think the best alternative to the term charismatic is one that a CRHP sister suggested.
  • When we do not apply the term charismatic to figures like Khomeini, we trivialize them and we trivialize their followers.
  • Then she spent most of the morning on the phone, until her ear was mashed and numb, and finally came up with one Catholic, two Peace Lutherans, two members of the Brookings CRC that was the Christian Reformed Church, Olivia’s own, and a Speak the Word charismatic who was willing to take a route alone—as long as it wasn’t route 5.
  • She studied under legendary art historian Julius Held, whom she calls a "charismatic, wonderful professor, who was a great influence on many, many students."
  • Like Obama, John F. Kennedy is often described as charismatic, but obviously not for everyone since he failed to capture a majority of the popular vote, and his ratings varied during his presidency.


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