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What is the meaning of Chevalier in Hindi?

Meaning of Chevalier in Hindi is : वीर पुरुष

Definition of word Chevalier

Examples of word Chevalier

  • As to more chapters, the 'Chevalier' is going away in a few weeks, and then you will get more, but I am with him a good deal at present.
  • Chevalier is on hard times creatively and upon seeing Ben's manuscript, he steals it and sells it as his own.
  • The Chevalier is very presumptuous – says that he will not lose sight of me for one day, that I must stay here till he can return with me to New York.
  • The Chevalier is very impertinent, speaks of two or three months, when I speak of two or three years, and seems determined to have his own way: but, dear Bunny, the Chevalier's way will be a very charming way, and is, henceforth, to be mine.
  • In levying this assessment, the friends of the Government were far more severely treated than those of the Chevalier; and the Presbyterian Ministers, who had dared to raise their voices in their churches against the Pretender, as they called the Chevalier, were commanded to be silent on that subject; their houses were plundered, and many of them were driven by tyranny from their homes. [


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