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What is the meaning of Chevalier in Hindi?

Meaning of Chevalier in Hindi is : वीर पुरुष

Definition of word Chevalier

Examples of word Chevalier

  • As to more chapters, the 'Chevalier' is going away in a few weeks, and then you will get more, but I am with him a good deal at present.
  • Chevalier is on hard times creatively and upon seeing Ben's manuscript, he steals it and sells it as his own.
  • The Chevalier is very presumptuous – says that he will not lose sight of me for one day, that I must stay here till he can return with me to New York.
  • The Chevalier is very impertinent, speaks of two or three months, when I speak of two or three years, and seems determined to have his own way: but, dear Bunny, the Chevalier's way will be a very charming way, and is, henceforth, to be mine.
  • In levying this assessment, the friends of the Government were far more severely treated than those of the Chevalier; and the Presbyterian Ministers, who had dared to raise their voices in their churches against the Pretender, as they called the Chevalier, were commanded to be silent on that subject; their houses were plundered, and many of them were driven by tyranny from their homes. [
  • I am the owner of one of the few independent bookstores in the area called Chevalier's oui, like Maurice! and my greatest joys are reading in both anglais et francais, traveling to France twice a year and my 4 chattes: Bijou, Chloe, Cannelle and Neige!
  • And then there's a song called Chevalier de la Table Ronde, or "Knight of the Round Table," it's basically about the Arthurian search for the Holy Grail.
  • Because of this, a Convent of ‘Templarist’ Masons was held in Lyons in 1778, at which the Rectified Scottish Rite was created, with an interior Order called the Chevalier Bienfaisant de la Cité Sainte.