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What is the meaning of Chinese in Hindi?

Meaning of Chinese in Hindi is : चीनी भाषा

Definition of word Chinese

Examples of word Chinese

  • While the front view of the chair appears like a bamboo tunnel at the base, the side vieW is similar to the chinese character which denotes ‘a noble man’ – in chinese literature and philosophy, bamboo has been a symbol of a noble man.
  • I think that all Holdren was saying is that (granted my own interpretation) at this pace the only way to send astronauts anywhere will be in chinese spacecraft.
  • March 02, 2008 4: 51 AM sowmya said ... my mouth is watering looking at the picture itself .. have used spring onions in chinese fried rice and noodles and salads. .yours is such a good idea. .will surely do this way next time
  • I love them in chinese dishes or thinly sliced and deep-fried to make lotus chips.
  • I read it (in chinese) last year before going into army, because it is one of materials in military tests.


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