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What is the meaning of Chinook in Hindi?

Meaning of Chinook in Hindi is :

Definition of word Chinook

  • The descending, warm, dry wind on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. The chinook generally blows from the southwest, but its direction may be modified by topography. When it sets in after a spell of intense cold, the temperature may rise by 20–40°F in 15 minutes due to replacement of a cold air mass with a much warmer air mass in minutes. (noun)

Examples of word Chinook

  • BELLY During the three to five years that the chinook is at sea, it feeds voraciously, building stores of fat to sustain it during its spawning run.
  • To distinguish a chinook from the closely related coho salmon, examine the gums on the lower jaw: Those of a chinook will be black; a coho's will be white.
  • These are called chinook winds, because they come from the direction of the country of the Chinook Indians.
  • In the northern part of the state the severity of the colder months is tempered by an occasional warm west wind, known as the chinook, which tempers the climate without bringing excessive moisture.
  • Ocean, also known as a chinook, that produced gusts up to 30 mph at the airport.


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