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What is the meaning of Chris in Hindi?

Meaning of Chris in Hindi is :

Definition of word Chris

  • A diminutive of the male given names Christopher and, less commonly, of Christian. (proper-noun)
  • A diminutive of the female name Christina and of its variant forms. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Chris

    • DAVID WEATHERSBY, CHRIS 'BOSS AT BROTHERHOOD WAY: For Chris and so many other young adults, when they finish the program, they are ready to be thrown into the work force.
    • RIHANNA, ASSAULTED BY CHRIS BROWN: Even if Chris never hit me again who ` s to say that their boyfriend won ` t?
    • STEVE JENKINS, CHRIS JENKINS 'FATHER: We knew something very serious happened to Chris.
    • CHRIS.OPHER FLORES. U.S. ARMY: Dad -- hey, dad, it's Chris.
    • CHRIS: Chris had a typical fantasy date - it was kind of buried underneath all the Frank drama and the smoke coming off of Roberto and Ali's date.


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