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What is the meaning of Christianization in Hindi?

Meaning of Christianization in Hindi is :

Definition of word Christianization

Examples of word Christianization

  • Todd then uses these geographical patterns to explain something different: the pattern of de-christianization that took place over the century following the Revolution.
  • Basically, de-christianization is associated with the regions involving a large number of landless workers, whereas this cultural process was least virulent in regions of peasant proprietorship.
  • Quite different, though also supported by the Papacy, was what was referred to as Specialized Catholic Action, which argued that re-christianization could only succeed by approaching distinct groups in distinct ways, a favored slogan being that of "like evangelizing like".
  • The Lay Apostolate, therefore, has an important role to play in social education—especially those associations and organizations which have as their specific objective the christianization of contemporary society.
  • Infant baptism became a christianization of Abraham's covenant with the Lord, a ritual signifying the contact and contract between God and humanity, centering on the element of society depicted as the most vulnerable and virtuous of humankind.


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