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What is the meaning of Christianization in Hindi?

Meaning of Christianization in Hindi is :

Definition of word Christianization

  • The act or process of converting or being converted to Christianity. (noun)

Examples of word Christianization

  • How can Divine Revelation be in need of "Christianization"?
  • They set up a task force empowered to stop "Christianization" of Muslims in the township.
  • Where once they stood in staunch opposition to Islamization of Turkey, now they turn their sights on a feared "Christianization" of Turkey as Christians distribute Christian Bibles...
  • Thus Kristol raised the question whether American Jewry should consider itself to be an appendage of Israel and whether it should accept a "Christianization" of the American polity.
  • The congress also called for the creation of a militant youth group within each mosque to fight the ongoing "Christianization" of the city ....


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