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What is the meaning of Cindy in Hindi?

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Definition of word Cindy

Examples of word Cindy

  • I hope cindy is going to wear her sizzzy '0' jeans!!!!
  • i cannot believe the copmment by northeast dilemma. cindy is a mother who has lost a child. i would listen to her just for that!!!!! cold hearted republicans with no warmth or empathy for anyone!!! how disgusting. wwjd???? this administration has got to be the hardest hearted in history. screw the poor people!!! mobile oil can i sleep with you tonight???
  • Hi cindy, that is unbelieveable, I do believe you though.
  • For more information, call cindy Williams at 650-725-3330 or e-mail
  • Send him to Washington to be tried and you can retire to the rattler ranch where you and cindy can BBQ scorpion balls, drink a little hooch and howl at the moon as ghosts of chimpy and darth spin around your open pit fire …
  • I'm surprised they found anything unethical about Burris. cindy
  • The statement by ‘cindy’, who ever ‘she’ is, demonstrates just how white and entitled the privileged are.
  • On March 10th 2010, cindy lu wrote: all that coke and prescription drugs kill another, brittny murphy, heath ledger, dj am michael jackson anna nichole and hundreds of thousands of normal people etc. the big pharma cos are worse than pablo escobar
  • Just think biz, if cindy sheehan had been screaming that bush was a nazi, she would have gotten hauled off to jail!