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What is the meaning of Clarice in Hindi?

Meaning of Clarice in Hindi is :

Definition of word Clarice

  • A female given name, a variant of Clarissa. (proper noun)
    एक महिला को दिया गया नाम, क्लेरिसा का एक प्रकार।

Examples of word Clarice

  • In SILENCE, the protagonist, Clarice is up against huge odds.
  • At Baptism she received the name Clarice and in early youth was remarkable for piety, but, as she grew older, she became frivolous, and showed a worldly disposition, which not even the almost miraculous saving of her life at the age of seventeen could change; neither was her frivolity checked by her education at the Convent of St. Bernardine at Viterbo, where an older sister had taken the veil.
  • Clarice could die, too – in fact, throughout the story, we are always at least subconsciously aware that Clarice is disquietingly similar to Buffalo Bill’s previous victims: she is young, white, Southern, from a struggling family.
  • I open my phone and call Clarice, anxious to talk about her plan to get my notebook back.
  • A more experienced agent-one who wasn't a bookish young woman with an accounting degree whose colleagues called her Clarice behind her back-would have been less concerned about the scorn she would suffer if she pulled a fellow agent-or two, or three-away from important work to search the back of an adjacent building because she thought that maybe she had seen a child's hand in the bottom of a window.