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What is the meaning of Clarissa in Hindi?

Meaning of Clarissa in Hindi is :

Definition of word Clarissa

  • A female given name. (proper noun)
    एक महिला दिया गया नाम।

Examples of word Clarissa

  • Richardson's Pamela faints in order to avoid sexual intercourse, while Clarissa is unconscious while being raped by Lovelace, thus escaping mentally from an unwanted experience; Rousseau's Julie falls into a swoon during her forbidden kiss with Saint Preux.
  • Incidentally the hold Wallace Simpson had on the Duke of Windsor was revealed in Clarissa Dixon Wright ` s recent book.
  • If Lovelace seems too excited about her being there Clarissa is determined not to go.
  • Clarissa is writing to her friend Miss Howe and saying some not very nice things about her sister and comes out with this, “yet how can one be such a reptile as not to turn when trampled upon!”
  • The discussion of Clarissa is included in a chapter called “Richardson and Fielding: Tragic Pastoral and Comic Epic.”
  • It is interesting that he wrote this because even in Clarissa, Anna Howe and Clarissa Harlowe spend quite a bit of time discussing in detail the clothing of Lovelace and other gentleman callers.
  • In this way we might obtain a literary product so anomalous in appearance as 'Clarissa' -- a story in which a most affecting situation is drawn with extreme power, and yet so overlaid with twaddle, so unmercifully protracted and spun out as to be almost unreadable to the present generation.
  • One Fat Lady as in Clarissa Dickson Wright (of Two Fat Ladies fame) reading her autobiography Spilling the Beans.