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What is the meaning of Clear in Hindi?

Meaning of Clear in Hindi is : हटना

Definition of word Clear

  • An idea state of beingness free of unwanted influences. (noun)

Examples of word Clear

  • A version of this was published in the New York Times on January 4, 2011 under the title A Clear Danger to Free Speech.
  • The company's newest product is called Clear + Brilliant, a laser procedure based on the Fraxel system, says Stephen Fanning, Solta Medical's chief executive.
  • Raytheon showcased a product similar to SBInet that its calling Clear View at a conference last year attended by thousands of security industry professionals and government officials where Raytheon worked to contrast itself with Boeing.
  • Now the paper strikes me as being little more than "Based on some stuff we, the authors, overheard the other day at a restaurant in Clear Lake, our opinion is ..."
  • There were no hotel rooms available in Clear Lake and JSC has not had this much attention since.


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