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What is the meaning of Coke in Hindi?

Meaning of Coke in Hindi is : लोकप्रिय अमरीकी पेय

Definition of word Coke

  • Solid residue from roasting coal in a coke oven; used principally as a fuel and in the production of steel and formerly as a domestic fuel. (noun)
  • To produce coke from coal. (verb)
  • To turn into coke. (verb)
  • cocaine. (noun)
  • any cola-flavored drink, especially Coca-Cola. (noun)
  • any soft drink (noun)

Examples of word Coke

  • Kosher coke is available in Columbus and Cinncinati, OH. right now.
  • The slang term coke should appear only in quoted matter.
  • You can buy a coke from a vending machine with your cell phone.
  • Class, which determines third world elections as surely as four quarters get you a coke from the coke machine, always seem just beyond the American ken – whereas it is always considered a winner to be just like an American!
  • I found out from the locals that their coke is made with real sugar.


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