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What is the meaning of Confederation in Hindi?

Meaning of Confederation in Hindi is : संयोजन

Definition of word Confederation

  • A union or alliance of states or political organizations. (noun)
  • The act of forming an alliance. (noun)

Examples of word Confederation

    • This simple fact gives the Prime Minister unbridled power and our confederation is littered with the corpses of bad legislation forced through Parliament by unscrupulous, corrupt Prime Ministers.
    • Humans are killing the Earth and the alien confederation is distraught by this.
    • It also underlines, in a sometimes embarrassingly blunt way, why for many in the current generation of Quebec political leaders the status quo of the Canadian confederation is unacceptable.
    • There is another and possibly even more serious result of the west's unhappiness over their position in confederation and this could result in the actual break-up of the country.
    • We take from our part in confederation-in material terms-in dollars and cents-more than we put into it.


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