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What is the meaning of Conner in Hindi?

Meaning of Conner in Hindi is :

Definition of word Conner

  • A marine European fish (Crenilabrus melops); also, the related American cunner. (noun)

Examples of word Conner

  • Instead we get "hey guys, take mine" and that stupid chin nod from 'conner' "Thanks bud"
  • Once you kill off donna, lilith, conner, bart, terra, etc, im not even interested enough to care. .im sorry but this comics is unable to shock. i suspect its not even a death, just a ploy cover to get a little bit of attention. i stopped buying these titles months ago and glad i did. i dont reward DC for lousy storytelling or bad artwork.
  • Glad to see a double boiler can do the job. jon conner Jan 14 does someone know, if organic milk is vegan?
  • I often wade fish the port o conner to rockport areas.
  • It was so good & comprehensive that shiny new neo-conner Bob McDonnell had not much to disagree with, actually.


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