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What is the meaning of Corp. in Hindi?

Meaning of Corp. in Hindi is :

Definition of word Corp.

  • corporation (abbreviation)
  • corporal (abbreviation)

Examples of word Corp.

    • They have since move some money to riskier short term corp. to take advantage of the yield spreads.
    • At least I gained some valuable work experience working in corp.
    • During the campaign she supported a public option and got elected in NC because of people like me who supported the Democrats and I'm sick of these politicians going back on their promises because some lobbyist or big corp. is lining their pockets. andy
    • I will be using this experience to show them the absolute worst customer service ever and having been in corp. sales I thought I had seen everything.
    • I think if everyone well call The corp. office of The Body Shop and demand the return of the Tobacco Flower.


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