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What is the meaning of Court in Hindi?

Meaning of Court in Hindi is : साथ रहना

Definition of word Court

  • An abbreviated term of respect for any court ("the Court"). (proper-noun)
  • A surname for someone who worked or lived in a court. (proper-noun)

Examples of word Court

  • And more and more are willing, if not eager, to cut a deal today to establish certainty on greenhouse gas regulation over the next four decades, instead of trying to tie up new EPA rules in court, which - as the recent Court ruling showed -- can't work forever.
  • The Rossi campaign referred me to Mr. Rossi's lawyer's recent response to the court, which objects to the subpoena as an "improper, politically-motivated effort to employ the Court system for political purposes."
  • Hill has created a good deal of uncertainty in lower court decisions, and I think this would be a good opportunity for the Court to clarify matters.
  • Many are quick to point out the obvious path and outcome for the court on the issue of gun rights but those who think that the Court, on matters of far reaching and important public policy, is just a cold, logical machine have little in the way of historical examples on which to rely.
  • He has paid all the court fines and fees imposed by the Court.


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