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What is the meaning of Crete in Hindi?

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Definition of word Crete

Examples of word Crete

  • IV. iii.256 (415,6) [And beauty's crest becomes the heavens well] [W: crete] This emendation cannot be received till its authour can prove that _crete_ is an English word.
  • Mediterranean kiwi said ... ilove the look of a rack of lamb chops, not the most common way to serve it in crete unfortunately
  • Maria V said ... fennel leaves have been used in crete since time immemorial - just think of marathopites, and the way they are made, and you will understand why fennel is considered an 'old' ingredient
  • Mediterranean kiwi said ... from now on, i'll never say it's cold in crete - that would be a lie. i checked out marc lester's photos, and i am rather grateful it doesn't snow here. in crete, we call the fattiest cuts of pork pancetta (they look like a small fatty pork chop, usually without - or with a very little bit of - bone), a sad imitation of the very much more refined original from our neighbours
  • MEDITERRANEAN KIWI said ... now that's something i've never heard of (or seen on a menu in crete). we buy vacuum packed barrel aged feta, having completely gone off the feta made by the major dairy companies (never barrel aged, always the wrong consistency). feta is also made in crete but never named as such, as it is now PDO, and crete has never been a feta producer. when our garden peppers are ripe enough, we're definitely having some bouyiourdi


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