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What is the meaning of Cruz in Hindi?

Meaning of Cruz in Hindi is :

Definition of word Cruz

Examples of word Cruz

  • Last Stop Salina Cruz is an excellent debut novel with an assured and at times brilliant grasp of language, although its inexhaustible misanthropy and negativism can sometimes drag the reader into the abyss.
  • Freedom 21 Santa Cruz is a freedom policy center that celebrates the principles of self governance and individual liberty which inspired the Declaration of Independence.
  • Santa Cruz is a small bay on which the original fishing village of Santa Cruz was located.
  • Salina Cruz is about the single most butt ugly town on the planet.
  • To the untrained eye, Santa Cruz is a dot on the map with a rocky beach, no place to spend the night, and slim pickings for eating out.
  • Vera Cruz is a party every night and the malecon is also fun on weekend nights as well.
  • Set back only a mile from the marina and bayfront of Santa Cruz is my home town, La Crucecita.