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What is the meaning of Daffy in Hindi?

Meaning of Daffy in Hindi is :

Definition of word Daffy

  • a little crazy (adjective)
    थोड़ा सा पागल

Examples of word Daffy

  • I do sometimes wish we could flag posts that are in some way related to post flags, when I'm feeling a bit daffy, which is always.
  • Sun once called her daffy, but there was a constant theme in her verbal ramblings.
  • Jones' preferation for the angry Daffy does more than demolish the original purpose behind the character; to be "daffy".
  • One I'd shipped with from New Amsterdam t'the Hesperides, heap o 'times; dropped back in at his home port, got kind of daffy overa doll and just lingered.
  • He is the happy and enthusiastic pastor of a large and growing congregation, which congregation is simply "daffy" about him.
  • Bill now tried his hand at Wild West theatricals, seeing that already many Easterners were "daffy," as he called it, about the West; but he failed at this, and went back once more to the plains where he belonged.
  • I hold no brief for Cherie Blair, but she had a kind of daffy genius for lifting the lid on the Blair marriage in ways that revealed far more than she realised.
  • One attendant said sorority girls are stereotyped as "daffy," upper-class and superficial.