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What is the meaning of Dalmatian in Hindi?

Meaning of Dalmatian in Hindi is : ऑस्ट्रिया के प्रान्त डाल्मेशिया का निवासी

Definition of word Dalmatian

  • Alternative spelling of Dalmatian. (noun)

Examples of word Dalmatian

  • Five Steps to Train Your Dog to Come When Called beagle bulldog mix, border collie blue heeler mix, boxer dalmatian mix, chow shepherd mix, German Shepherd, Lab retriever mix, mixed bred dogs, mixed breeds
  • Two weeks later, under the Christmas tree was my perfect dalmatian with silver spots.
  • On the way out we walked by a toy store that had 101 dalmatian stuffed dogs in the store.
  • Cook other side about 30 seconds or until small brown spots emerge that look, like Child says, "look almost like the spots of a baby dalmatian."
  • The first is a dalmatian designed by Kei Goto of keicraft and the other is the Daihatsu Midget II by Tetsuya Watabe of kamimodel.


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