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What is the meaning of Dara in Hindi?

Meaning of Dara in Hindi is : दारा

Definition of word Dara

  • A male given name. (proper noun)
    एक पुरुष दिया गया नाम।

Examples of word Dara

  • I called Dara, gave her instructions, and Evalie went with her.
  • Update: commenter "Dara" - any relation to a guy named Robert McClelland, Dara?
  • We looked up a book for Thai names and decided to call her Dara, which meant star.
  • M.] 137 The description of Dara is amply and correctly given by Procopius, (Persic.l. i.c. 10, l.
  • Then, whilst Arabs were sending in their captures of women, children, and cattle, Manua Sera made off to a district called Dara, where he formed an alliance with its chief, Kifunja, and boasted he would attack Kaze as soon as the travelling season commenced, when the place would be weakened by the dispersion of the Arabs on their ivory excursions.
  • One woman told Reuters her daughter, who preferred Barbie, called Dara and Sara "ugly and fat."
  • Syrian regime launches new attacks on Hama, other restive cities Reporting from Beirut- The human toll of the Syrian government's pre- Ramadan crackdown on opposition protests continued to rise Monday as security forces launched new attacks in the flash point cities of Hama, Dair Alzour and Bukamal in southern Dara province, according to activists.
  • Dara, which is developing compounds to treat pain in cancer patients and to fight metabolic diseases, will put up 500,000 of common stock as collateral for the loan, according to the SEC document.