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What is the meaning of Datura in Hindi?

Meaning of Datura in Hindi is : धतूरा

Definition of word Datura

  • A plant of the genus Datura. (noun)

Examples of word Datura

  • It is from one to five feet in height, and an ill-smelling weed, though first cousin to the beautiful, cultivated datura, which is a highly prized garden plant.
  • This isle had got the very form of a ripple, -- and I thought that the inhabitants should bear a ripple for device on their shields, a wave passing over them, with the datura, which is said to produce mental alienation of long duration without affecting the bodily health, * springing from its edge.
  • A: Those are closely related to our native plant called datura, or jimsonweed, and not to hibiscus.
  • 'datura' plant (_Datura alba_), and other species of the same genus.
  • We move Seth to a level spot in the lee of a large granite rock far up from the river, near a cluster of sacred datura.


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