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What is the meaning of Deaf in Hindi?

Meaning of Deaf in Hindi is : बहरा

Definition of word Deaf

  • Not having the faculty of hearing, or only partially able to hear. (adjective)
  • Deaf people considered as a group. (noun)
  • To deafen. (verb)

Examples of word Deaf

  • Nothing personal, but the term deaf-mute is way, way out of style.
  • But I think theawesomerobot's point about iPods for the deaf is a good one.
  • The temptation to discuss, solely in the light of Helen Keller, the whole matter of educating the deaf is a dangerous one, and one which I have not taken particular care to avoid, because my opinions are of no authority and I have merely tried to suggest problems and reinforce some of the main ideas expressed by Miss Sullivan, who is an authority.
  • He felt the ridicule which was attached to the mute character of the Legislative Body, which he called his deaf and dumb assembly.
  • A teacher of the deaf cannot lose sight of the fact that in the term deaf, or deaf-mute, there are included at least four sub-classes, namely, the semi-mutes, who have lost their hearing after they had acquired more or less perfectly the use of language; the semi-deaf, who retain some power of hearing, but yet cannot attend with profit schools for hearing children; the congenitally deaf, possessing some ability to perceive sound; and the totally deaf from birth, who are unable to perceive sound.


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