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What is the meaning of Deere in Hindi?

Meaning of Deere in Hindi is :

Definition of word Deere

  • Archaic spelling of dear. (adjective)
  • Archaic spelling of dear. (noun)

Examples of word Deere

    • Let's hope this kind of thing has no effect on the development of Constellation. john deere
    • Eny wun whu noze deere wud spotte thee fotoshaupe ryt uwai .
    • July 24, 2009 at 9:01 am fine, juuussst fine, then I shall find eet inna drawers……and make a nest…….had mebbe have a litter of kittoons deere.
    • Mayle deere luse thayre antlyrs byfor wyntr – antlyrs r uzed fur maytyng rytual perpuses, nd r tu heevy nd impraktikal tu keepe whyn maytying seeson is uvr.
    • Poore Simonida, sighing and sorrowing for her deere loves losse, and (perhappes) not meanly terrified, with the strict infliction of torment so severely urged and followed by Strambo and the rest standing dumb still, without answering so much as one word; by tasting of the same Sage, fell downe dead by the bed, even by the like accident Pasquino formerly did, to the admirable astonishment of all there present.
    • Once more I would entreat thee (deere and vertuous daughter) seeing grace hath hitherto kept thee from dishonor, and twice already thou hast credited my counsell, let me now advise thee this last time.
    • Perotto hearing this, beheld him more advisedly, and began to know him: then, the tears flowing abundantly from his eyes, he fell at his feete, and often embracing him, saide: My deere and noble Father!
    • It fortuned, that the King and his sonne being busy in the aforenamed war, the wife and Lady of Count Gualtier died in the mean while, leaving him onely a sonne and a daughter very yong, and of tender yeeres, which made his owne home the lesse welcom to him, having lost his deere Love, and second selfe.
    • No creature hee acquainted with his setled purpose, but onely a deere friend and kinde companion, who alwayes used to keepe him company, in the neerest occasions that concerned him.
    • Theobaldo of those deere delights, which sometime he held in free possession, and making him as a stranger to her gracious favours.