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What is the meaning of Deere in Hindi?

Meaning of Deere in Hindi is :

Definition of word Deere

  • Archaic spelling of dear. (adjective)
  • Archaic spelling of dear. (noun)
  • Archaic spelling of deer. (noun)

Examples of word Deere

  • Let's hope this kind of thing has no effect on the development of Constellation. john deere
  • Eny wun whu noze deere wud spotte thee fotoshaupe ryt uwai .
  • Mayle deere luse thayre antlyrs byfor wyntr – antlyrs r uzed fur maytyng rytual perpuses, nd r tu heevy nd impraktikal tu keepe whyn maytying seeson is uvr.
  • July 24, 2009 at 9:01 am fine, juuussst fine, then I shall find eet inna drawers……and make a nest…….had mebbe have a litter of kittoons deere.
  • Perotto hearing this, beheld him more advisedly, and began to know him: then, the tears flowing abundantly from his eyes, he fell at his feete, and often embracing him, saide: My deere and noble Father!


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