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What is the meaning of Deet in Hindi?

Meaning of Deet in Hindi is :

Definition of word Deet

Examples of word Deet

  • Rather, after about a week, Shorty would typically mash it back, operate the compactor, sniff the air and declare the load to be a bit ripe, at which point we would head for a place called Deet's Hallow (ph) in the city dump.
  • I used to always have a case of the military Deet, which is 100% Deet.
  • Most of those on the market do contain Deet, which is a very effective product, but it's not for everybody.
  • Great Regulars: For all his Hindu allusions, he Derek Mahon displays a resistance to the transcendental: eschewing good Karma, he sprays "Deet" at a mosquito, despite being reincarnated as "a mozzie myself once".
  • Then you lean back your head and bellow 'Deet' as loud as you can.


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