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What is the meaning of Delete in Hindi?

Meaning of Delete in Hindi is : हटाना

Definition of word Delete

  • Alternative spelling of Delete. (noun)
  • To remove, get rid of or erase, especially written or printed material, or data on a computer. (verb)
  • To hide, conceal (verb)

Examples of word Delete

  • Note that you create a window using the new_ function and delete it using the delete_ function
  • Where to start … I mean, Alan Greenspan is a socialistic, Keynesian Loving, politician pleasing, power and greed driven ** explicit delete, explicit delete**, piece of ** explicit delete**.
  • After we figure all that out, it's just a matter of compiling our delete statement and running the query. public function delete ($table, $where = null) if ($this - > tableExists ($table)) {if ($where = = null) {$delete = 'DELETE'. $table;} else {$delete =
  • Meanwhile, the part I didn't delete is up to 2000 words.
  • Nich, I take your point about not being able to delete from the iPod.


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