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What is the meaning of Derek in Hindi?

Meaning of Derek in Hindi is :

Definition of word Derek

Examples of word Derek

  • May 13th, 2008 5: 48 pm ET america need a face lift and obama is the guy! let's make her beautiful again derek
  • Your denial of the hamas charter is beyond comprehension, everyone in the world knows what their intentions are except you, but never mind mum says my derek is the only one in step and all the others are marching on the wrong foot.
  • i called derek's mother, who gave me his cell number since he's working until 8 tonight. we talked for a while, and i laughed when he said, "at least he lost all that weight. i wouldn't want to carry his fat ass around. how much did he used to weigh?"
  • Says 'derek', terrorists "act on their fears in the same way you do".
  • The "How Poems Work" offerings will be mixed in with reprints, such as derek bealieu's last Friday, and a few upcoming posts of reviews published elsewhere.


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